I watched my dad go to work everyday. He was so good at what he did that when he retired I asked him if he would miss it. His answer was simple: " it's was just a job, son."

So I feel very blessed to  love what I do. After 33 years I still get excited and a little nervous before every wedding or event that I cover.  But that gives you the edge you need to create.  It's an honor to capture someone's special day and I take that very seriously. From the booking appointment to the post wedding reveal you only see the very best.

You can teach anyone to operate a camera but you can't teach someone to see creatively. That part comes from God. My passion is photography and photographing weddings is a huge part of that.  There's nothing like the wedding day. It's magic and capturing that magic is such an awesome Experience. I have never taken that part for granted.
So take look at the website. Look at the images and albums and get a feel for my take on photography.  If you like what you see then give me a call.  Come join us and see what I see.


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